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The completion and submission of the registration form is the application for membership to the CLUB ESPAÑOL DE COLECCIONISTAS DE BOTELLITAS DE LICOR (CECBL) that will be effective when the applicant have paid the CECBL annual fee.

In the web’s section : The Club >> Administration >> Statutes, you will find the rules that governs the CECBL, which will be available for checking, before the application for membership, as well as at any time after the membership is effective.

According to the Rules, the rights corresponding to any member, it must be added the right to use this site, by making use of the corresponding access key, will allow, among other things:

  • To Maintain and modify the member’s profile.
  • Staying aware of CECBL’s administration.
  • Participate in all existing forums.
  • Send and receive messages from other members.
  • Read all articles published on the web on topics related to collecting miniatures of liquor.
  • Write articles and publish them on the web.
  • Know and download all available information collected by the Club, related to all liquor stores around the world, where you can buy mini-bottles or regular bottles of liquor.
  • Use all the links that are available in the web.
  • Participate and vote on various issues that arises in the Club’s web page.

The use of the web by the member implies the knowledge of some legal rules contained in the documents called "Privacy Policy", "Responsibility of the CECBL" whose links are listed at the bottom of the home page and "Forum Rules" that can be read in the menu, section: Forum >> Rules, that the applicant accepts in all its terms and conditions.



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