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Program of 8th CECBL Annual Meeting – Santiago de Compostela-2018

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Please find described here below the program of activities to develop during the seventh annual meeting of the CECBL to be held on 28 and 29 September in Santiago de Compostela (Spain).

The program is definitive, so the potential attendees can now schedule their trips.

It's advisable that registrations are made as soon as possible, because it will allow to avoid potential problems of lack of rooms. The entry bookings, will be taken by order of entry, and this order will be respected.

The registration can be made from now on by populating the registration module that is placed in the home page of our website, or also by clicking the link: SIGN UP NOW

Dates and city of celebration: 28th and 29th of September of 2018 in the city of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)

Place of celebration: Hotel NH Hesperia Peregrino (4*). Av. Rosalia de Castro s/n, Santiago de Compostela.

For further information of the hotel you can click: MORE INFO

Hotel prices:

• Room for single use + Breakfast: € 80.00 per person per day (VAT included).

• Double room + Breakfast: € 45.00 per person per day (€ 90,00 the room for two persons, VAT included).

• Parking: free.

The prices indicated are exclusively for the three nights of the meeting, from Thursday to Friday, from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday. If additional days are desired they can be booked but the reservation and the indicated prices are not guaranteed until the hotel confirms it. The club will transmit the response provided by the hotel to the applicant, who may confirm or desist from that reservation extension.

P R O G R A M M E    O F    A C T I V I T I E S


Arrival of the participants at the Hotel by their own means.

  • 22:00 h: Dinner-cocktail at the Hotel Peregino's restaurant. The menu is:
  • Cocktail: Iberian ham and sausages. Galician cheeses. Typical Galician pie. Canapé of foie with roasted almonds. Skewer of roasted tomato, mayonnaise and basil. Tempura of shrimps and Small sandwich of pork shoulder and paprika.
  • Dessert: Skewers of fruit with chocolate sauce and Small pies.
  • Drinks: Mineral water, soft drinks, beers, white and red wines. Coffee and tea.

Dinner price: 26,00 € per person (VAT included).


Tourist visit program:

  • 09:00 h: Departure from the hotel by bus to Oca Manor House.
  • 09:30 h: Guide visit to Oca Manor House and gardens.
  • 11:45 h: Departure from Oca to Winery “Pazo de Baion”
  • 12:30 h: Visit to Winery “Pazo de Baion” and wine tasting.
  • 14:00 h: Lunch at Winery “Pazo de Baion”. The menu is:
  • Starters: Galician cheeses, Galician style octopus. Roasted zamburiñas (small scallops).
  • Main course: Entrecot whit Arzúa cheese.
  • Dessert: Varied homemade desserts, coffee and teas.
  • Drinks: White wine (albariño Pazo de Baión) and red wine (Rioja crianza Marqués de Mundáiz).
  • 16:00 h: Departure from Baion to Combarro.
  • 16:30 h: Arrival at Combarro and visit to the old fisherman’s quarter.
  • 17:30 h: Departure from Combarro to Pontevedra.
  • 18:00 h: Arrival at Pontevedra and visit the old quarter.
  • 20:00 h: Departure from Pontevedra to Lestrove Manor House, situaded in Dodro, near Padron.
  • 21:00 h: Dinner at the Lestrove’s Manor House restaurant. The menu is:
  • Starters: Padron peppers, Pork shoulder with paprika and Small sandwiches of octopus.
  • First course: Small crab (two per person).
  • Second course: Turbot with salad gourmet in shell.
  • Dessert: Varied homemade desserts, coffee and liquors.
  • Drinks: White wine (D.O. Rías Baixas) and red wine (Rioja crianza).
  • 22:30 h: Preparation and tasting of “queimada” (hot Galician punch). Auction of miniature bottles provided by attendees.
  • 23:30 h: Back to Santiago.

The total price of this activity: guided visit to Oca Manor House, Guide visit with tasting to the Winery “Pazo de Baion”, Lunch at “Pazo de Baion”, Dinner at Lestrove Manor House and transfers by bus is € 120,00 per person (VAT included)



Exchanges and trading:

  • 08:00 h to 09:00 h: Setting up tables for exchanges. Price of the table: € 20 for members and € 25 for non-members (VAT included)
  • 09:00 h to 11:30 h: Exchange and trading of miniatures.
  • 11:30 h to 11:45 h: Coffee break.
  • 11:45 h to 14:00 h: Exchange and trading of miniatures.
  • 14:00 h to 15:00 h: Lunch for Club members and attending collectors in the exchange room. The menu is:
  • Starters: Creaking bricks of shrimp, cheese and cured cow meat. Typical Galician pie. Homemade croquettes.
  • First course: Crepe filled with seafood and American cream.
  • Second course: Sheets of veal with cream of potato and jam of peppers.
  • Dessert: Mouse of cheese with nuts and red currants.
  • Drinks: Mineral water, soft drinks, beers, white and red wines. Coffee and tea.

Price of the meal: € 25.00 per person (VAT included)

  • 15:00 h to 17:30 h: Close of the exchange and trading session.

General Assembly of the Club

  • 18:30 h to 19:30 h: Ordinary General Assembly of the Club and Extraordinary Assembly for the president's choice.

Farewell dinner-cocktail

  • 21:00 h: Departure from the hotel to go walking to the “Hostal de los Reyes Catolicos”, placed in Obradoiro Square.
  • 21:30 h: Farewell dinner-cocktail of the meeting at “Hostal de los Reyes Catolicos”. The menu is:
  • Cocktail: Pork shoulder cooked and sliced; Smoked salmon with con caviar of herring; Galician mussels in homemade pickle; Cone of sesame, cheese and quince; Skewers of octopus and cooked potatoes; Croquettes of crab; Cream of Galician broth with a chunk of pork shoulder and chorizo; Small sandwiches of Galician cheeses; Small scallops roasted to the chopped garlic.
  • Dessert: Cake of Santiago, chestnuts and chocolate.
  • Drinks: Mineral water, soft drinks, beers, juices, white and red wines of designated origin.

Price of the cocktail: € 34,00 per person (VAT included).

  • 23:30 h: Return to the hotel.


Note: The companions have Saturday morning and afternoon at their free disposal.



Return of attendees to their respective homes.


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